Spanish links with the SS Robin

The SS Robin Trust has been privileged to have two visits from people connected to the Robin's time in Spain (when she was called Maria) over this summer.

Pilar Quelle, voyager aboard María, and widow of sailor Roberto Méndez visited at the end of June with her son José Ángel Méndez, his wife Mari Carmen Vicente, and their boys Roberto Carlos (Rober) and José María (Chema) Méndez.

Pilar stayed with her husband aboard the Maria (as the SS Robin was called in Spain) in the late 1960s. Her husband Roberto was a stoker, and because of his busy work, Pilar moved onto the Maria for a month to stay with him. There were two other ladies on board at that time too, both wives of other crewmembers. Due to the presence of ladies on ships being restricted at that time, they had to hide when near to military vessels.

In a separate visit, Carlos Varela Ferreiro came to see the Robin. He is the son of Manuel Varela Neira, skipper of the SS Robin in the late 1960s. His uncle was also the skipper.


These have been fantastic experiences for the staff and volunteers at the Robin Trust, to meet people from Spain who remember the ship and share memories. We hope that more links can be forged to uncover more of the Robin/Maria's Spanish history