Changing Times and Change of Direction

Since our last post the Trust has worked exstensively with Lea Valley Parks Authority to explore the proposal for displaying the SS Robin ashore on land at their historic East India Dock Basin site. The Trust employed structural engineers and architects in generating these plans and was successful in obtaining full planning permission and support from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Sadly the Lea Valley Parks Authority have since decided not to grant permission for a lease after consdiderable expense, time and outlay spent by Trust and this proposal has therefore been reluctantly closed down.

However all is not lost!

Changing circumstances over the last year at the nearby Royal Docks mean that SS Robin could now have a new future there instead, as part of emerging wide ranging proposals for the redevelopment and regeneration of the Docks on and around its water, dockside edges and vacant land nearby. Exciting proposals aim to create a new cultural destination for London which complimenets nearby Greenwich in terms of scale and offer. The docks themselves being close to 3 km long. Maritime and commuity heritage are seen to be an important part of this and it is hoped that a range of permanent heritage vessel moorings will be provided as part of the overall scheme.

As of August/September 2019 the new masterplan is being completed and will go out for public consultation. You have a chance to have your views and help strengthen the case for making more of the SS Robin in the Royals!

Please see the ‘Join the Docks’ website for info and a chance to comment here:

We will keep you updated as things progress!